Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins #6


1. Give me a good book and I'll be happy for days.

2. Whenever I hear a politician tell me what he is going to do for me, I cringe.

3. I wish people were not sheep.

4. Pork Loin was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious.

5. To live in this world one must learn that they cannot allow their government to control them or be a teat for them.

6. Other than this one, Wonderful World of Wieners is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to Jeff being home, tomorrow my plans include barn work and lessons and Sunday, I want to catch up on housework and reading!


Life Scraps and Patches said...

I love a good book, too - hope you have a good weekend.

Lynda said...

I'm totally with you on the book thing! Off to read now!
My answers here:

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love #'s 1-3-5, couldn't agree with you more.

Mrs Mom said...

Popping over here just now to try and catch up, and what to my very happy eyes should I see? But a wonderful Fill In Post, and The 9 on the side!

Way to go girl! ;)

Janet said...

what a great name for a blog!

Train Wreck said...

A "Fill in Post?" What a great idea! How fun. I have not heard or read one til yours.! I loved Mad libs asa a kid. Pork loin? mmmmm sounds good.

SkyBar Farm said...

Life Scraps and Patches ~ Weekend was ehhh..? Book was great.

Lynda ~ Hope the reading was enjoyable.

Grey Horse Matters ~ I'm not one to speak out so publicly about my leanings, but as I get older, I'm finding that my mother is coming out in me more and that I need to vent it out and if I can get one mind to open up to the possibilities, then I am satisfied.

Mrs Mom ~ Yep, I believe in all 9! I love Glenn.

Janet ~ Thank you.

Train Wreck ~ I love these little fill -ins. Get my mind rolling early in the day.

Train Wreck said...

Oh I love when we learn a little more about our friends. I love a good book too!