Monday, September 1, 2008

My Horses

Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown

I figured the best way to start this was to start with the oldest and work down to the youngest.

Sassy ~ 25 year old Appendix Quarter Horse Mare

Picture coming. I purchased Sassy 6 years ago. My intent was to cross her on Malarky to hopefully infuse some Thoroughbred blood into my lines. She has given me two fabulous foals, one of which is Triples. She is now retired from breeding and is enjoying her days with the occasional ride.

Argo ~ 18 year old Wild Kiger Mustang

Argo was captured October 2007 from the Riddle HMA in Oregon. He is my first Mustang. I have never been one to just dip a toe in the water to test it out. I have been known for jumping all the way in, and that's exactly what I did with Argo. Argo has already taught me so much about me that I didn't even know was there. He was a Godsend to me. You can learn more about Argo at his blog, Argo's Journey.

Babe ~ 17 year old Quarter Horse Mare

I purchased Babe 9 years ago with her son Flash by her side. She is 100% foundation bred. She traces back several times to Skipper W. A lot of people scoff at Skipper W. They are extremely smart horses and allow very little room for mistakes. I have found that crossed on the Rugged Lark bloodlines, this has been a fabulous cross. The foals have had the athleticism and cow sense of the Skipper W blood and the sensibility and gentleness of Rugged Lark. I have kept several of her foals for myself including Flash, IRS, Juliet, Dell and Illyria. Currently, she is enjoying retirement from being a broodmare since I am no longer breeding.

Malarky ~ 16 year old Quarter Horse Stallion

Malarky has been what every horse owner dreams of. He has stuck it out with me through thick and thin. He has allowed me to make so many mistakes in my quest to be a better rider and he has forgiven me every time. He has not only been a breeding stallion, but he has been my riding partner, a lesson horse, show horse, husband horse (pack horse) for the occasional hunting trip and whatever else I have needed him to be. I have never met a horse with more heart than him. He is soon to become a gelding and he will be able to enjoy life without worry.

Ripley ~ 10 year old Paint Mare

Ripley is as opinionated about life as my daughter, Morgan. She has taught Morgan not to give up, that the reward at the end of the day makes all the hard work worth it.

Flash ~ 9 year old Quarter Horse Stallion

Flash is one of Babe's sons and has had a very sheltered life. At 4 months he was attacked by a dog and lost a good portion his right hind quarter. He healed from that and at the age of two had a freak accident in the field and fractured his left shoulder and elbow. After a yearlong rehab he was slowly brought back to shape and at the age of 5 put under saddle. He enjoys his weekly rides and is always the over achiever, trying hard to figure out how to impress me. His spirit is testament to the Skipper W and Two Eyed Jack bloodlines. He too will enjoy being a gelding soon as well.

IRS ~ 6 year old Quarter Horse Mare

IRS is what every breeder goes through at least once. "What the heck happened?" She was to be a reining prospect. Well, that didn't happen. She turned out to be 16.1! She is the daughter of Malarky and Babe, who are 15.1 and 15 hands respectively. So what the heck happened? Well, I have always been a firm believer in "Let the horse tell you what it wants to be." If IRS had her way she would be a pasture potato, thankfully she didn't get her way. We still don't know exactly what IRS wants to be, but we have a good idea that Hunter Horse is in the cards. Morgan and I have both enjoyed learning together with IRS. She is a flashy, chromed up mare that has enjoyed many show ring appearances and is now getting me to learn more Dressage techniques.

Romey ~ 6 year old Quarter Horse Mare

Romey is another "What the heck happened?" horse. She is the daughter of Malarky and an appendix bred mare owned by a friend. She was to be my Hunt Seat horse. Well, if I was Morgan's age maybe that would have worked. Romey only measures in at just under 14.3. Romey has taught me to get my guts back after a period of scaredy catitis. Romey is another case of "We don't know what we want to be when we grow up!" So we are enjoying the journey together.

Dell ~ 5 year old Quarter Horse Stallion

Dell is what every breeder dreams of producing. Dell is cute beyond words, and that is not just my opinion. Everyone who meets him adores him. Dell is what I had bred for all along. He measures in at about 14.2 and is every riders dream. Dell enjoys learning everything I can throw at him. He is a gentleman and enjoys his daily adornments from everyone who strolls through the barn. Dell also will enjoy the life of being a gelding soon.

Juliet ~ 4 year old Quarter Horse Mare

Juliet is Flash's full sister. She has turned into a lovely mare. Due to family health and circumstances she has not fully been put under saddle, but will be soon. She has a lot of cow to her. She is a testament to her good breeding. She is an amazingly smart and sweet mare.

Triples ~ 3 year old Quarter Horse Filly

Triples is Sassy's daughter and has been one of those foals that you just are not sure where she fits. I have gone back and forth over whether or not I liked her. I'm on the I like her kick currently. She is just newly under saddle and is doing very well.

Illyria ~ 2 year old Quarter Horse Mare

Illyria is IRS and Dell's full sister. The picture is obviously very outdated, but she was a very cute girl. She is growing up to be a fabulous girl. My hope is for Illyria to take me into my senior years as she is my last.

And what farm would not be complete without a few dogs.

Kody is the oldest at the age of 11. He is a fantastic German shepherd and has been a constant in my life.
Kasey is a 6 year old Rottweiler. She is truly a couch potato, but will get up to receive scratches from visitors.
Tracker is a 6 year old Norwegian Elkhound. I rescued him when he was 2 years old. His owners were elderly and thought their only option was to put him down. Thankfully, their vet clinic sought me out and asked me to give him a forever home. This is an extremely smart breed and he is an absolute joy. I will give a warning though, they shed A LOT!

Bob is a 3 year old Great Dane who is also a rescue. She was dumped in the middle of the road and one of my boarders found her and brought her to me. After a fruitless search for her owner, Bob found a permanent home with us. I can't remember what life was like before Bob. She is totally obnoxious in that she thinks she needs to be stuck to you like glue, but she is totally fun.

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